Charming apartments with the hotel level care you deserve

Be Mate lets you enjoy private apartments in great neighbourhoods, carefully handpicked by us for you, so you like them as much as we do.

Also, from the moment you arrive, you'll love our professional attention and having a free 3G Internet connection across town. You won't have to worry about a thing!

    There are thousands of private apartments to choose from online, but you wouldn't really want to stay in all of them, right?

    That's why only 1 out of 5 private accommodation is finally selected by Be Mate.


    From helping you find a babysitter to filling the fridge before you get home, your City Mate will do that and more: your own concierge in town will welcome you in the local language or in English, and our team will be at your disposal 24/7.

    In addition, your partner hotel will be at your service for any need you may have.


    You can enhance your stay whenever you feel like by hiring services such as cleaning, transfers and food delivery. Order in advance or through your City Mate anytime.

Your peace
of mind: our priority

We're sure you've thought of this before: "Are these pictures 100% trustworthy? Will the owner charge me for any unexpected item? Will we understand each other?".

With Be Mate you can rest assured because our professional team will assist you in English or the local language when making your booking and during your stay.

Your city mate: friendly help
from the moment
you arrive

The moment you confirm your reservation on Be Mate, your City Mate steps into action.

From welcoming you to helping you find tickets for a show or lending a hand to fill the fridge before you get to the apartment: your City Mate will be the personal concierge you always wanted in a city that's not your own.

Your internet
connection: everywhere and free

At last! You won't have to be back at your apartment to send the photos of the city that inspires you.

With our WiMate device, being anywhere online won't cost extra because it's free, provides 3G connection, fits easily in your pocket and is totally compatible with your mobile devices or laptop.

Your be mate
apartment: one of a kind

At Be Mate you'll just find the private apartments our team of dedicated experts has personally selected. Only 1 out of 5 is admitted in our platform: those which meet the style, warmth and good location requirements.

Take a look and check for yourself!

Your partner hotel: help for everything
you may need

There's still more. Your Be Mate reservation does not finish with your apartment: it will always be linked to a partner hotel where you will have access to the services offered to its guests and you'll find help for anything you may need.


On-Demand Services


Airport, train station, bus terminal or any other destination. No more pushing giant suitcases on crowded streets.


Be welcomed by a spruced up apartment every day of your stay.


Kick back, relax and enjoy our food delivery service.
Services and rates may vary depending on the location.